Problem with MPG Playback

Anyone else having problems with MPGs? 

I have a few that work but 90% of all my MPGs freeze for 3 or 4 secs about every 10 sec.

I have an open case with WD now for almost 3 months, and still no fix, and no time frame for a fix, and they acknowledge the bug.

I have the same problem except that they DID play 2 weeks ago so I am dumbfound as to why they cannot be played now. This happened with the previous firmware. The MPG and ISO files played without any problems and then all of a sudden they stopped working. 

Now I am not so sure. It may a WD My passport problem. The only thing I can think of is that I added extra files to the My Passport and I had it hooked up via USB for a couple of days…maybe Windows Vista played with files on their?

Sorry I can’t help but maybe gives you other ideas as to what the problem could be.