Problem with movies showing up out of order

I just got my Livehub last week & I’m loving it but…

I have a huge collection of HD movies that I had to split up using mkv2vob in order to watch them on my PS3 due to the Fat 32 file system limitation. Some of the movies are split into as many as 4 pieces. Take for example Back to the Future…it consists of four files & are labeled Back to the Future part 1, Back to the Future part 2, Back to the Future part 3 & Back to the Future part 4. Once the media library is compliled, each file has the name “Back to The Future”. The problem is that they aren’t in the right order. I don’t want to disable the media library. Is there a way to  keep the original file names? I already tried making an iso out of the files & it worked great on my pc, but the Livehub won’t read the iso.

The Live Hub has no problems reading ISO files, as long as they’re fully DVD compliant.   If it’s just a bunch of VOBs or MKV files, well,  that’s not a DVD.

You can edit the TITLE tag in the XML file(s) associated with the video files and add to the title PART 1, etc.

You’ll need to clear the media library so that it is re-read.

Thanks for the quick response, Tony!