Problem with movie only VOB files not allowing DVD navigation

Hi Guys,

Recently purchased a WD TV Live media center and upgraded it to the latest firmware version so it would support DVD VOB files correctly. For VOB files that are the full contents of a DVD it works great. I can stop and resume, skip chapters and use the menus etc. For VOB files that are just the movie (removed menus etc.) it does not work correctly. If I stop and start or press the next button the movie starts from the beginning. When comparing the files of each of these I find that they both have the VIDEO_TS.VOB file at the top of the list but the media center does not seem to recognize and display the VIDEO_TS.VOB file when it is just the movie that has been ripped. Anyone else come across this situation? Is there a solution? Maybe when shrink removes only the movie from the DVD it builds another VIDEO_TS.VOB file that is not the same as what is normally found on a DVD? Any help is appreciated. Cheers

When you use DVD shrink to rip just the movie, it does not have a normal dvd menu anymore. The movie will start when you put the disk in and will stop when it is done - no menus. Try using DVDFab for ripping the movie. This should solve your problem. 

The VIDEO_TS file usually doesn’t have any movie data in it.   The movies are usually in files like VTS_01_01.VOB or something of that sort.