Problem with .mkv files - WD TV live hub is lagging


I’ve got a problem with my new WD TV live Hub. I tried to play some .mkv files (x264) and I’ve recognized that the screen is lagging. The disturbance usually occured when the picture was scrolled vertically or horizontally, but sometimes the picture was broked up and noise-lines, bad-pxels appeared. I could observ this problem in films by 1080 resolution and 720 as well. (My display is a Samsung LE40C650 TV, I use a HDMI cable between TV & WDTV, I installed the newest firmware onto the player, and the files wich I tried to play are stored in the WDTV internal hard disk.)

Could anybody help me to solve this problem? I tried to change the video settings of the player (resolution and frame rate) but I couldn’t fix it.

How did you encode the MKVs?   They sound like bad encodes to me…

post the text output of MediaInfo here so we can see it.

Thank you for the answer, but I don’t think so. These films are very popular movies, a lot of people downloaded it and nobody posted about these type of problems like me. Whatever, I post the video info, you may discover some information from these. (Unfortunately, I am working now and I can’t use MediaInfo at workplace, so I’ve just copied these information from the .nfo files.)

First movie: a very popular film about a social network

Video Info:

Video Format:             MKV

Video Codec:              AVC High/L4.1

Video Bitrate:              7000 Kbps

Video Resolution:      1920x798

Video FPS:                  23.976

Problem: lagging, picture break up, green colored disturbance-noise lines

Second movie: a film about a special virus which kills humans and then makes zombies from them (episode 4).

Video Info:

Video Format:             MKV

Video Codec:              x264 | 2pass | High L@4.1

Video Bitrate:              Variable ~ 4695-5617 kbps

Video Resolution:      ??? (720 in the title)

Video FPS:                  23.976 fps

Problem: lagging, stop playing in special points of the movie (always the same times) and go back to the menu.


  1. It’s not very clever to say you have downloaded films from the internet, It’s called illegal.

As to why they are doing that, no idea. Sounds like a bad HDMI cable, as the video should not be a problem.

You will get no help from anyone else, all you will be told is you get what you pay for. :slight_smile:

Did you had this issue before updating firmware ?. Some users have complained about bad firmware which has been recently released. Try rolling back firmware and check…

To download films from the internet - generally this is not illegal. Break the copyright law - yes, this is illegal. I’ve never sad or written that I broke this law (I really respect this type of law. :wink: )

I will check the cable, but I don’t think so.

Yes, I did. After I had recognised the problem, I updated the FW to the newest version. The problem hasn’t disappeared. May I try an older FW…

Other people have also reported that pirate films download from the internet have problems probably due to the way that they are encoded. Software on your PC may play them however hardware like the hub is not so forgiving.

freeself wrote:

To download films from the internet - generally this is not illegal. 

Try again.

freeself wrote:

Break the copyright law - yes, this is illegal.

So, where’s your copy of the licence from the content owner that said you _ could _ make yourself a copy of the audiovisual content that you “found” online?  No licence, then it’s a copyright violation in pretty much any WIPO country – that’s sort of what TRIPS is all about. 

RoofingGuy: Thank you for your off-topic comment, you helped a lot. You must be that type of guy who always want to say something smart (or just say “something” to increase your post-counter). Actually, I am a Warner Bros employee, you know, and I have to download pirate films from the net because this is my main task. Finally, of course, I have got all of the licenses in a digital form in a pendrive, but I have to put it up into my **bleep** in a gold phial in order to keep it safe…

I’m absolutely sure that anybody who buy a WDTV never download any pirate content from the web. After all, a mediaplayer is exactly that type of product which was created to protect the law.

I thought this forum is operating in order to help each other, but it seems just a kindergarten with that type of annoying kids like Roofi…

richUK, anfjavid: Thank you for the other proposals, I’m going to roll back the FW. 

Well, actually I was trying to be helpful, to members in general, since WD has made posts like this:

bill_s wrote:

Simpuhl wrote:
… I am sure WD dont give a ■■■■ about illegal downloading, if anything they have made millions off of it…




That’s where you’re wrong.  If the MPAA comes asking for you IP address, I will gladly give it to them.  Furthermore, for someone that gets abusive the moment anyone questions the legality of his actions, you sure are quick to defend illegal downloading.  These forums are not for discussing the finer points of why you think illegal downloading is okay.  So, I’m closing this thread. 

But, suit yourself…

And, as was already mentioned, there are a lot of bad encodes floating around… VLC was designed to play broken files (and even advertises that it will)… the WDTV expects proper encodes.  Both issues you mention are common for poorly-encoded files.

Well, that was a normal comment, you did it, now I have to withdraw the “annoying kid” flag, I’m sorry. Thank you for your care, but I’ve never promoted illegal downloading and I can protect myself. But I bought a product which originally can play x264 MKVs, but I’ve recognised that actually it can’t do it perfectly (of course, this is not a general opinion, I say this only about my own piece). I’d like to solve this problem and now I’m trying to find some help.

So, this topic is about a technical problem, not a law dispute.

Im having the exact same problem, so you are probably not alone.

After 5min of playing a .mkv file it starts lagging. To solve this I stop/pause the video and resume it.

It is really starting to annoy me.