Problem with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile app

Seems there is some serious issue or conflict between Microsoft and WD (Western Digital). I couldn’t find any WD my cloud application for Windows 10 MOBILE (not PC). I use Microsoft Lumia 950 XL windows 10 mobile and need WD My cloud application. I couldn’t find any WD app on Microsoft store for mobile nor did I find any app for windows 10 mobile on WD website. Their website says that they have applications for “iphone” and “android” mobile platforms. Can anybody help me here ?

There is NO Windows mobile app. WD discontinued the Windows Mobile App last year. Your only option for remote access to the My Cloud on a Windows phone is to use the phone’s web browser to access the web portal.

There are numerous threads (one can find them using the forum search feature - the magnifying glass icon upper right) where people have voiced their displeasure at WD dropping the Windows Mobile My Cloud App. WD indicated in the following Cloud Ideas thread that there is currently no future plans to reintroduce the app.

Thanks Bennor. So WD is the culprit here, really bad on Western Digital part for not respecting the customers using Microsoft 10 mobile. Anyways let me try the method you suggested.

The unfortunate fact is that Windows OS Phones are a very small/shrinking market share that currently occupy something like less than 3% of the mobile phone market per As such is should come as no surprise for a manufacturer to not support such a small market share of devices.

YEs that is a fact but Windows 10 platform for PC is really a big platform and there does exist WD app for that. To me, It must not take any extra big efforts at WD end to amend the same app to be used for Win 10 Mobile platform. The issue seems for the payment and return to WD only with no respect to the customers … no matter they are small in number. but a customer is Customer.

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Between I also tried per your suggestion and the error message appeared … The browser is not supported. Seems We as Microsoft windows mobile users cannot use My cloud. Really bad.

Interestingly I tried giving feedback on WD website online form. Thrice my message couldn’t be submitted due to some error at their end , that was shown on the screen .with some error # …

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As far as I know, on Windows 10 Mobile you have to install Panda Browser to use

There isn’t a need for an “app” on the Windows 10 OS on a PC because there already exists SOFTWARE for the Windows OS. They, Windows Phone mobile apps versus Windows OS PC software, are typically are two separate things.

On the Windows OS, if connected on the same local network as the My Cloud, one simply uses Windows File Explorer (already included with the Windows OS) to access the Shares on the My Cloud. There is WD Sync for syncing files from a Windows OS to the My Cloud. There is the WD My Cloud Desktop program for both local and remote access to the My Cloud Shares. There are several additional software programs available from WD for use with the My Cloud. See the following links for Windows OS software.

The Windows 10 Edge browser is well known to have problems with certain websites. That’s not the fault of WD, rather the fault of Microsoft. If possible use an alternate web browser on Windows 10 if you can. Don’t know if Windows 10 Phone supports using third party browsers however.

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Windows 10 is a big platform for PC, that is correct. But the market for Windows 10 Mobile seem to be almost dead. Unfortunately also Microsoft pushed this development by focussing more on Android devices than on their own Windows devices.

For Windows 10 on Desktops the apps are running as expected (in most cases). But the Windows 10 Mobile discontinued apps is a problem with many vendors, not only WD.

But where do they need to stop it? There are also other OS which are not supported. Blackberry (yes there are still devices out there, ChromeOS, FirefoxOS… just to say some).
As a company you have to make a decision. And WD made one, even if we do not like it.

While I understand where you’re coming from, please bear in mind WD does not advertise compatibility or support for Windows 10 Mobile. If you need for the unit to work with your particular device then this NAS will not properly suit your needs.

NO!!! Microsoft is the culprit. The PROBLEM is the Microsoft phone has basically O% market share (actually around 4%) but that is not a reason to have an app for a product with basically no market share. Android and iOS phones have around 90% market share, leaving just 10%.for the other brands.

ANOTHER reason is that Microsoft keeps changing the OS of the phone so nobody’s app work with them as they once may have. Now, which company is stupid: the companies that won’t make an upgraded app for an ever-changing OS for a phone that does not sell, or is it Microsoft, whose history of great consumer products is terrible?

Search this forum closely and you will find these issues mentioned throughout the forum. Egads, Windows phone fans are worse than Apple fanboys and always want to blame someone else for the issues they experience.

My advice: dump your Windows phone for one that is supported by all app makers! Face the facts – you have the wrong phone!

I am also tired of Microsoft phone users posting this sort of message over and over again. Learn to search a forum before posting what has been thoroughly covered before!

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I’ve just managed to login to MyCloud account on Lumia950 with the browser Opera Mini. It seems it works - in more or less perfect way but reasonably effective :slight_smile:

It seems incredible, but it’s true.

Western Digital have no support at all for Windows 10 mobile users. Not a single Windows 10 MyCloud App. And, the worst thing is, can’t be accesed on Microsoft Edge Browser (then and now, November 2016)… Is this a joke?

Western Digital advertises MyCloud like this:
“Access and share your photos and videos from wherever, whenever you have an Internet connection.”
"Sign in to or use the My Cloud app on your phone or tablet to connect directly to your personal cloud."

These are pure lies! They do no support Windows 10 Mobile, becasue they only develop Apps for Android and iOS, and you canno’t acces to from your Windows 10 Phone, because the main browser is Edge, and WD refuses to support Edge for no apparent reason. So, they try to force people to use iPhones or Galaxy phones…

This is more than an offense for all trusting users that buys their product.

What is the excuse WD have for not supporting Edge, while ANY site can be seen/used perfecly in Edge -one of the most secure browsers out there-?

What is the excuse for WD to NOT DEVELOPING 1 UWP App for Windows 10 -the world’s most used OS-? WD need only to develop a single App for UWP, that is the same App for PC, Tablets and Phones that runs Windows 10. This is pure discrimination and an insult for people who uses Windows.

Excuse me, but WHO IN THE WORLD USES MAC???
2% of the World uses mac…

So, why ONLY 2% of the WORLD POPULATION uses Apple Laptop… then, as you wrote… they clearly doing it wrong. So, tell Apple Macbook users to thow their laptops!!! Get a real computer!

While facebook, twitter, instagram etc etc have developed W10 Apps already, WD keeps ignoring Windows 10 and Edge.
You know why? Because they are haters as you.

Western Digital is the real problem here. Same as stupid SnapCrap: they hate Windows… why? Because its CEO is a Windows hater. Great! Nobody wants SnapCrap anymore… Sell it to iSheeps… Tweeter is taking it over!

Go home!

So, showing that Apple OSX is used by a shrinking 6%… So, why not just throw away Mac users too! They only have a shrinking market share of less than 7%… that is NOTHING, so, WD, please stop supporting Apple.

You are comparing apples to oranges. This discussion centers on the Microsoft Windows Phone mobile app which WD discontinued last year and currently has no plans to update and reintroduce. Windows Phone users can use a “file manager” app to access the My Cloud while connected to the same local network. For remote access the Windows Phone users can use either; FTP (which is insecure) or use a web browser and access the user web portal.

The DESKTOP market share for Mac OSX is 6.43%.
The MOBILE market share for iOS is 25.75%.
The MOBILE market share for Windows Phone is 1.95%.

Mac OSX users can use either the Mac Finder to access and map their My Cloud across their local network, use Apple Time Machine to backup their Mac across the local network. Use the WD Sync program ( Use WD My Cloud Desktop program for Mac OSX ( Or use the user web portal.

WD has apparently decided it is not worth their time/money/effort to support a mobile device (Windows Phone) that currently garners less than 2% of the entire mobile device market. and over time (per trends) has had a high of only 3.14% market share (for one single month last year). It should be noted WD doesn’t have an app for Blackberry (at 1.09%) either.

I. Agree with your stats Bennor, as I have stated them here before. These stats are not secrets as googling proves. I was later than most to get a smartphone, and before I did I checked the ecosystem and knew apple and android devices ruled the Roost and at the time I got my iPhone I also had an iPad and Android tablet. I saw that Apple had the most apps I was interested in and I found the Android apps for the most part did not look as good and easy to use as the ones for iPad, it was a no brainer to get a iPhone for me.

I also am a Windows PC user, and never had, or wanted, an apple computer. Or a Windiws phone! The word on the street is Windows phone will be gone from the market soon, like the many other failed Microsott consumer products have been.

Informative discussions. Moreover I am confused why the mobile devices (especially windows phone) cannot access the network shared folders, like If I connect any PC (windows) or Mac on my wifi home network they automatically can access the public folder of my WD cloud, why this feature is not available in the mobile devices including android and iPhone. To access WD cloud I have to use the WD app in iphone. And on my windows 10 phone there is absolutely no way ……. :frowning:

Mobile apps are not the same as computer OS’s. They are APPS with specific and limited functions. OS’s have file browsers so the computers can be managed thoroughly. The ONLY app I know of that is also like a computer’s file manager is ES File Explorer for Android devices, and it is designed to be a file manager, not an app that allows for playing media files like WD My Cloud app that is specific to WD devices.

Im sorry, please mention some site that cannot be viewed or its incompatible with Edge… I’m eager to see your list of ‘incompatible’ websites…