Problem with Meta Source on firmware 3.00.28

I have a WD TV player HUB LIVE 3.00.28 with the latest software.
In the options is to choose a new source of meta-source. Currently installed in the player isTMDB Meta Source. I know that is an option to install other.
How to add (install) a new source of meta-source.Chciałbym to descriptions of films and the cover was taken from Polish website and that they are in Polish.
I would ask for some instructions or tips on how to do it.
Unless it is something like ThumbGen to work with the WD TV Live Hub and retrievedescriptions of films in Polish.
And last question, is there a theme to the latest version 3.00.28 Æonish something in the likeness of the Hub or Mojo.Oba themy newest version do not work on the new firmware.

Sorry for my English.

User manual, page 190.

Hi cuernudo

The user manual says to visit a web page, but I can’t find any meta-sources sample or explination how to add a new one. can you help me out?


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