Problem with MBL and OS X Yosemite

Hi to everyone,

first of all orry for my terrible English.

As you should know, Apple updated OX from Mavericks to Yosemite serveral months ago. In my case, since I updated my mac, Time Machine is unable to detect my MBL device. I cant see the drives in the Finder, but TIme Machine no longer functioning.

I have been reading several posts in WD community and so many users have the same problem but with different devices, ie. WD My Cloud. It seems that WD is working on this issue and has developed a new firmware for this device.

(FYI…Link to WD My Cloud Post:

Have any user of MBL the same problem than me?

Thank you so much!!!

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What firmware version does your WD My Book Live run? Have you tried mapping the Time Machine share via AFP?

Received msg that the link to the page isn’t found.

Have a Mac mini mid-2011 with Yosemite.  No problems with using VOX to listen to music on the MBL.  Don’t know about Time Machine as don’t use it; could be a problem with the app that uses Time Machine.

Sorry, not much of a help…