Problem with mapping drives on Windows

When installing “mc_windows_setup.exe” on my PC it shows some errors when testing the connection.

The message box states…

There seams to be a problem. We’ve detected that you may not be able to:
Copy files to or from device
Browse the devices shared folders
Map a shared folder

I have installed the other WD My Cloud software without any problems and updated the device firmware to the latest version - v03.04.01-219.

WDMyCloud appears in explorer as a Media and Storage Device but I’m unable to manually map drives to the device either.

Strangley I can see the drives on another Windows 8 laptop, just not my main Windows 8.1 PC. Both are accessing via WiFi and eveything is running under the default WORKGROUP workgroup.

Any suggestions?

Just figured this one out.

For some reason the “Client for Microsoft Networks” item was missing from my WiFi adapter stack.

Simply added the item and eveything started working again.