Problem with logging in via the app (internet connection from the cellular opetaror via wifi, all ok)

For several days I have not been able to log into the Cloud via the application (Android phone), when I use the Internet with my mobile operator, When I use WiFi everything is ok and I log in without any problems
I am asking for help and advice. I have already reinstalled the application, reset devices (cloud and router), unfortunately it did not help.

I would like to add that today I noticed that it is also impossible to log in to Cloud via www when I try to do it from the browser on the phone
Shows that the Cloud is offline, but it is not

What application are you talking about? What My Cloud device do you own? What version of firmware? When you say mobile operator are you talking about LTE, 5G etc.?

I have 2 My Cloud devices One Gen 1 and Gen 2. Both have up-to-date software. Connection problem with app occurs on both devices.
In the configuration of devices or routers (port forwarding, addressing etc.) I did not change anything all the time it was ok and it has not been working for a few days
My internet connection is LTE

I have the same setup and my problem is getting a good connection when I am away from home. My phone has 5G but most of the time I get LTE and, in some spots, I don’t get anything.

5G Definition (

LTE (Long Term Evolution) Definition (

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same info.

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