Problem with loading unlocker.exe

Hi ,

Today i tried to set password for my Passport 1tb then i unplugged it . when i plugged in i get errors . the unlocker drive is visible but when i click it , computer hangs and i cannot continue .

i tested that in Ubuntu , fourtunately i saw unlocker drive successfully . but in windows 7 it hangs and in win xp nothing is in my drive ( it’s empty ! ). i tested it in diffrent computer and i get the same errors .

i have my password . i think the unlocker drive is corrupt .

Could you please help me ?

sorry for my terrible english .

If you didn’t remove the drive properly it may have corrupted it. People do it all the time. Instead of using the Remove Safely icon they just pull the plug.



 Did you find a solution to your problem. I am facing a similar issue. Unable to see the files after unlocking it, the system just hangs.