Problem with licenses when installing WD-Backup


We have bougth and installed NAS My World Edition II (2 TB) and are installing WD-Backup on our computers.

In the package schould there be 5 licenses for the backup program.

The problem is that when we have installed the program for two computers and try to install on a third it says that we only get a trial for 31 days!!

What should we do; ther schould be 3 more free licenses!!??

I have a similar problem only it won’t work with ANY of my computers.  Brand new white light MBWE, with “5 licenses” for WD Anywhere Backup, only there’s no bloody product key and all it does is tell me to get stuffed and that I had 28 days left on my trial. 

I just uninstalled WD Anywhere BU and will go to open source software.

I had the same problem as you guys. After I read some threads and FAQ,I found they now offer the registered user to download the lastest WD Backup Anywhere thru the ‘restricted download option’ and it just listed right under your registered product.

After you removed the old WD Backup Anywhere and installed the new one, it automaically gets you pass the validation.

Hope this helps.