Problem with jumpers [Advanced Format drive]

I plan to clone a 2 partition 160 GB drive onto a 1 TB WD drive using the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software. I am not supposed to set jumpers 7-8 because that is only for a clean install onto a single partition. However, the computer is stuck at the boot up screen if I do not use the jumper. How do I get Windows to not freeze up without using the jumper?


I cloned the hard drive with two partitions. I plugged the 1TB hard drive in and checked it with WD Align. It states that the partitions are already aligned. Should I just install the cloned drive even if it is jumpered?

Update # 2

To bypass the 2 partition problem with pins 7-8, I removed the recovery partition and regained the space as part of the XP partition using GParted. I re-cloned it as one partition. It should work fine now, with no need to do any alignment. I haven’t physically installed the drive yet, but my problem is solved.