Problem with host name"

I have a reasonably complex home environment, and (as a result of my provider-supplied modem/router having scrambled its DHCP Reserved IP Address list) recently tried shifting all my processes (where the network identity is important) from using the IP Address to using the “host name”.

For most devices, setting the “host name” on the device causes it to show-up everywhere it is needed. PCs, Raspberry Pis, Netgear NAS, entertainment centres, routers,……even the humble Arduino can have its “host name” set. However, my WD PR4100 doesn’t do so well.

I can use the “host name” of my PR4100 (“NAS3”) in windows explorer and web-browser, yet I cannot use it (have to use the IP address) when accessing from a Raspberry Pi (the Netgear NAS works OK) and my modem/router (which shows many other “host names”, doesn’t display it.

I have a long history in electronics and IT, however I am not particularly experienced in this aspect of IT (nobody can know everything) so I accept I am quite the novice here and so might well be missing something, however I have read numerous queries in the WD community which are variations on this same topic and clearly I am not alone in wanting this feature to be available and being unable to make it so. I also note that this issue has been of concern to many for some years and not resolved.

For a device that is marketed to the SOHO environment, the lack of this apparently-simple facility (it is readily available in other systems including the Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices, one wonders why it is not automatically available in WD devices.

There is a specific subforum where one can find help for the WD My Cloud PR series of devices and where users more familiar with that model may be able to assist with your question.

OS5 My Cloud Pro Series

This subforum (OS5 My Cloud) generally discusses issues with the single bay/single drive second generation My Cloud.

Sounds like you are having a name resolution issue with the local router and or with the Raspberry Pi.

If you haven’t done so already you may want to manually assign an IP reservation for the My Cloud in the router’s DHCP server. Depending on the router model one may be able to set the “hostname” for that manual IP reservation so local network clients like your Raspberry Pi can properly resolve the hostname to the IP address of the My Cloud.


Have you checked with your service provider to see if they can help? Have you looked for a User Manual for the Modem/Router you are using?

If you can get into your Router, see what is set. The image below is from my Router and is set up so 50 devices can be used. I currently have 27 connected.