Problem with HDMI connection after TV power Off and On

Problem occure with Firmware version 1.04.31_V. Previos versions works OK for me. TV is LG 37LC51. 

WD TV Live is connected over HDMI to TV and L/R audio to HiFi system. After power up the WD TV Live I can see Video on TV (HDMI connection). After Power Off the LG TV, and power on LG TV again, the video is missing. I’m getting “no signal” message. To have video I need unplug power cable from WD TV Live and power it again.

The same when I switch the HDMI input on TV to other HDMI device, and then select the HDMI that WD TV Live is connected - the “no signal” message hits again.

The only workaround I found to have video - I need boot up TV first, select HDMI input and next power on WD TV Live.

The TV works without any problem on HDMI cable with SONY PS3  and  “n”  STB.



There is always the option to roll back the firmware.

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