Problem with Fritzbox 7390 LAN and WLAN


i got a WD MyCloud 2TB connected by LAN Cable. I created the WD Mycloud Serviceaccount and connected some Android-Devices. They are connected by WLAN of course. I installed on 2 PCs the WD Cloud Software. One is connected by LAN Cable one is connected by WLAN.

All connections work fine, except the WLAN conntected ones. So in a summary:

PC with LAN Cable ==> OK, Access possible / network drive conntected, can open Web-Frontend and Internet-Frontend
PC with WLAN ==> NOK, NO Access … can’t open Web-Frontend … can open Internet-Frontend
Android With WLAN ==> OK, WD App works fine, can open Web-Frontend

Does anybody have a idea why???

Btw … the WLAN is not the Guest-WLAN and all devices are within the same Network-Subnet.



Since other wireless devices are working as intended then the issue is system-bound. I’d recommend double-checking the entire network configuration your system is using in case it’s being filtered into a separate network even if it is using the same subnet.