Problem with firmware update from internet

After first use wdtv live update detected , clicked update , it download rebooted and just froze on the wd logo for 10-15 mins, had to unplug it however when it came on i got a screen that said “insert a usb drive with firmware to recover your wdtv”

I try diferent USB Drive & firmware version - nothing change :frowning:

how i recover player?

What version of firmware was on the unit before you started?


You may have just been BRICKED.  Check the FAQ section 1C.

If you follow the instructions on the screen TO THE LETTER, and still can’t resolve the issue, then you’ll have to return it.

Download the latest firmware (1.02.21) from here:

Extract the 3 files (ver, fff and bin to the root of a USB flash drive) - no other files should be on the drive.

Disconnect unit from network plus disconnect any other drives.

Insert USB flash drive in USB socket. If nothing happens after about 5 minutes try the other USB socket.

If still nothing happens then if possible try another USB flash drive.

Also see here:!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Thanks, but nothing helps :cry:

Best to return it then. In the future, it may be a good idea to run the update from a USB.  I’ve always ran it from a USB and have never had a problem.

Thanks, but  i don’t know where wd service in Ukraine :frowning:

Probably wherever you bought it from.

easy to say, i buy player in Germany

Okay, but you *were* there at one time, right?  I assume it’s not impossible to get there again.

And if it is… what person in their right mind would be an electronic device in a country they couldn’t get back to easily or have any way of returning if it didn’t work?  I mean, not to be impolite, but if I bought something in the Ukraine I’d darn well make sure it wasn’t electronic (and probably not “made of gold” or something else I couldn’t easily verify – no offense, but the old caveat emptor never was truer).

It was bought not at home not from a good life, and because of the big difference in the price. 100 euros against 160-180$. But it is not important. I hoped that someone from WD will prompt the official representative in my country to which I can address concerning Warranty Return Services time it is officially recognised error in early versions firmware.

Have you contacted our tech support? They should be able to help you get a replacement unit.

This page might be useful: