Problem with external hard drive

I just got my WD TV live SMP , excited as read all needed to do was plug & play …

But I must be doing something wrong , as I plugged but no play !

All I want to do is play , files, movies , music ect… from my external hard drive on to my TV

with out having to use computer , also I am NOT interested ( now ) in having connect to the

internet , I just want to use my external HD , but I never see any files from it , all I get is no content

Im using HDMI to TV and my HD to back on media player ( USB ) what else is there ? Do I need

something else?

I’ve tried searching but all I seem to find relates to wired or wireless, not just use of HDrive.

Im such its something simple that I have over looked but … HELP PLEASE  

thank you


You havent found any helpful information ?

You also havent provided any helpful information…


What Brand or Model External HDD

What File System you have Formatted it to

Is it AC Powered or is it Usb Powered

Is it HDD or Flashdrive

etc etc.

sorry , as you can tell I dont know much on this …

What Brand or Model External HDD… I have 2 both are Seagate freeagent ( 1 is a 500 & other 1.5 )

What File System you have Formatted it to…  now this I just used as they came  so not sure about this

Is it AC Powered or is it Usb Powered   … AC ( I guess since it plugs into wall !! )

Is it HDD or Flashdrive   … HDD

sorry to be so … DUH, but my knowledge on this stuff is all by trial & error , as I have no one to help

so as you can see … I just dont know what the heck I’m doing , just want to try & do it , got too old to go out & have fun so 

now I just try & have fun messing with stuff !!

I know 1 thing , I sure wish  when I was in school they had computer classes… WOW how old does that make me sound  LOL

my TV is  Vizio 


Those HDD are fine.  

Try Reading the Manual … Page 26  “Finding Your Content”   (With your HDD Plugged In Select “Local Storage”)

Manual Download PDF Link: