Problem with detecting wifi

Hi, I have a problem with my wireless pro. It had been working fine but now I can’t detect it from my mobile device. The wifi led flashes. I’m travelling and don’t have access to a laptop so can only use my mobile. I have tried to system reset which results in all led lights flashing blue constantly. As I’m travelling for the next few months I have a lot of photos that need backing up. Pls help!

I am not sure if your model must be ON or OFF to do the reset, but find the manual at
WD support and refer to the section regarding resetting the System only. Follow the instructions.

Thx I have tried both on and off but neither works

OK, so did you check the manual? If you did, you will know that the unit has to be ON. In fact. doing the two-button reset when the unit is off can screw up the MPW and you will get flashing LEDs. So, with a fully charged unit, do the reset again when ON and hold in buttons approx 10 seconds or so until it reboots. Let it all settle down and then reconfigure unit like it was a new unit.

How long should it take to resettle? After holding the two buttons down while it’s on for 10 seconds all lights start flashing but they don’t stop. After a few minutes I’ve turned it off. Should it take longer than this to settle? It seems too long to keep on with all lights flashing?