Problem with detecting Portable HDD

Hi all,
I got WD TV live Hub and external HDD WD 1TB (with fairy tales). Last week I tried to connect HDD to Hub but it didn´t recognize it. I got another WD HDD 1TB (movies) and this HDD is recognized correct. Fairy tales HDD recognize my other 2 tv only in WD Tv live Hub is problem. Yesterday I have made factory reset on WD TV live Hub and I thought that it will help to connect my fairy tales HDD but I got still the same problem. Can someone pls help me how to solve this problem? What is interesting is, that HDD worked for 4 years without any problem and now from day to day can not hub recognize it…
Btw. I don´t got place to backup all fairy tales to reformat HDD.
Thanks guys


What’s the model number on the drive?

Have you tried using a different set of cables? and what’s the firmware version on that WDTV.

Hi ERmorel,
here is bunch of of numbers from HDD:
R/N: D2B
I didn´t tried different set of cables (I know I have to but don´t got reason while it worked correct till some day)
Firmware version in WD TV live Hub is 3.12.13
I will try another cable and let you know