Problem with demo-mode

Hey Guys,

i hope someone can help me. 

Yesterday I made a big mistake. I clicked on Demo-Mode just to see what it is. Now i don´t come back to my configuration.

When i start the wd tv live (FW: 1.16.13) it starts normaly and connects to my network. When the start up is ready on the right side there is a message: “Demo-mode loading”. 

When I waite one minute, there comes the loading circle. After a few seconds the WD screensaver starts. When i then push a button on the remote, the wd is starting again in Demo-mode. I waited 3 hours in the hope, that it is loading the demo out of the internet and will start, but there is only the screen saver. 

The biggest Problem is, that I can´t reset the box. Everything I try in the settings is not allowed: Not available in Demo-mode. 

And it is not possible to open any App.

I tried to reset with another firmware on a stick, but it´s not available in Demo-mode.

I also plugged out for some hours and plugged in again. But it also starts in Demo-mode.

Please help me

Best regards and sorry for my english

Have you tried the reset button on the bottom of the box?

Good 'ol  “Demo-Mode”  had some grief with it on the WDTV Live Hub (it deleted my Theme Folder)

do what Tony suggested …


yes i tried.

Same Problem… 

Are you resetting correctly. Allow the player to boot up completely and then press the paperclip button for a few seconds, on release the player should reboot.