Problem with copying files to WD EPlay

Hi everyone,

We’ve just bought the WD Elements Play and we’re definately happy with it.

But here it comes.

The first time we plugged it into the computer (Vista) it was immediately recognised and installed, but when we tried

to copy files(movies) to the Harddisk, the computer crashed. So we formatted the disk to NTFS because we were told

that would work…

The computer tells us otherwise… After formatting the disk still works but if we copy files now it starts with copying

and after a minute or two it says goal cannot be found. When you check the location of the harddisk it is disappeared…

This problem only exists when copying movie files, it has absolutely no problem with copying music or images.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

There might be some mistakes in my English, but I’m Dutch so I’m sorry about that.(:

Newest firmware is installed by the way ;]