Problem with Component and Composite

Yes, I know, there are some other threads relative to similar problems but I think not for WD Live HUB

I need to connect the WD Live HUB to a Sony CRT TV with only has 3 SCARTs and 1 Composite inputs

I though I could buy a omponent to SCART cable or a SCART/Component adapter to plug to my TV but simply does not work. The image remains black when I switch to that input.

TV manual says the 3 SCARTS support S-Video (2 of them) and RGB

It doesn’t say specifically the SCART on TV supports Component.

Can this be the problem? or the SCART which supports RGB should also support Component?

Am I doing something wrong or there is no way to connect via component the WD Live HUB with my Sony Wega CRT?

Composite works fine! But I think everything is a bit too dark so I wanted to switch to Component if possible. Anyone also has the problem that colors via composite are too dark?

Please help!!

The signal might be the problem. If your TV has no native component support then I’d suggest to just use composite and change the color settings to make it look better…

Thanks, I think I will do that

Although I think I have read the Live HUB can output RGB right?

Well, I don’t know about that since the Hub doesn’t have a jack that outputs clean RGB like VGA, SCART or S-Video. The component jacks on the Hub have luma, so it’s more of a YPbPr connection…