Problem with camera on 2.4 ghz Net900 router channel communicating with device on 5 ghz channel

I have an Esky camera operating on the 2.4 ghz channel (network) and it communicates fine with other computers on my wired/wirless network that are on the same 2.4 ghz channel.  However, one of my computers is on the 5 ghz router channel and the video feed to it from the camera stops after about 1 minute or so.   I can send commands to the camera, but cannot receive output from it.   Before I moved the computer to the 5 ghz network, there were no problems with the camera communication.  I do not wish to move my computer back to the 2.4 network.  Coming in externally to the camera is no problem.

Hi, the 5GHz band is a little bit more sensitive to low signal strength, so check if that is causing the problem.

I don’t think signal strength is the issue as I have had the camera and the 5 Ghz computer sitting next to the router and the video still freezes after a minute or so.  It appears to more of a buffer issue.  It’s as though a buffer is filling up and not empting, hence the 1 minute delay in the video freezing.  I can log off the camera and log back on and the video is fine for another minute before freezing up.

I found my problem.  The application I was required to use was Quick Time.   Apparently something changed recently in Quick Time because when I down loaded Quick Time Lite all was ok.  No more video freezing after 1 minute.   I saw this solution on a Chrome forum.  I wish to thank Sal from WD support for his efforts to help me.  He contacted me after reading my post in this forum.  He didn’t solve my problem, but he helped me eliminate a lot of possibilities.  Again, thank you Sal.