Problem with brik of my hard disk

hello i have a wd my cloud 2 tb
i wanted to install hamachi in my cloud
when i tried to install it it said it depends some apps i typed apt-get -f install after they had been installed.
but after that when i was typing any command it returns an error that a file has config problem.
i reboot the cloud but after that my cloud won’t start.
i opened the box of cloud and removed hard disk, after that i connected it to sata cabel to another box.
i connected to the computer by usb cabel.
i went to gparted, parted, and cfdisk.
all of them shown that the hard disk doesn’t have partition table i maked a gpt partition table and serched for partition sizes but i can’t make raid volume because it explained for to hard disk
i want to know how many partitions should make? and in witch size
how can make raid volumes for my cloud.
fynelly how can install it’s firmware?
i have linux and the firmware for my cloud.
i went to other topics but i can’t find a good help compleet.
please help i need my hard disk.
because i’m blind and all of my lessens should be in it.
thanks aggen.

Hi jsmith90, this type of modification is not supported, but see if the following link helps. Also note that opening the My Cloud case voids the warranty. 

How to unbrick a totally dead My Cloud?