Problem with AVCHD playback

Hello. I have a DVD-9 wich uses AVCHD, it can be played (with no problem) in a bluray player. I took that DVD and then converted it into a ISO file (with UltraISO) for the WD TV Live to play it. The reproduction starts fine, everything is fine but after a few seconds out of the blue the video starts to play very fast like when you are pressing the foward button. To stop this I have to rewind then press the play button and the playback is back to normal.

Th WD TV Live has the lastest firmware.

What can I do to solve this problem?.

Thanks in advance.

Can you post the media info of that file to see if there’s something odd in the coding?

More to the point, where do you see that AVCHD in an ISO is supported by the WDTV Live?

I was unable to find and reference to AVCHD in the WD documentation.

To find out more about AVCHD read here-

AVC as a codec it is supported:

So maybe as you guys said the WD TV Live Plus doesn’t support reading AVCHD from an ISO -bluray players read a file called index.bdmv and then play invidivual AVCHD files-

Anyway I solved this by converthing the files into avi (XviD HD 720p) and it’s working like a charm :D.