Problem with AD and ISCIS

Hello, I am trying to Setup my EX4 as a iSCIS target, hooked up to my network using passthrough AD authentication. I was able to join the domain, and can see the users and groups, and on the user tab and can assign permissions to the folders. However the problem is after log off/log on and attempt to access the folder i get a message to enter my credential’s and the shared folder wont accept my domain login. (accounts are not locked out)

The next problem is, when i try to set up a ISCIS target, i start to go through the prompts and when i am asked to enter a size and attempt to enter 2.94TB it comes back with the number must be a positive number. I then Change the size to 2940GB and pressed next, select my security - click next, and the box goes away and nothing happens, nothing is setup. Before this prossess i did a restore from the dashboard and reconfigured my drives as Spanning configuration.  


After you create the iSCSI target, did you enable that from the storage page?

Please see page 73 and 74 of the manual