Problem with a VOB File


I just joined and would like to thank already everybody for this great area of support.

I have some DVD’s with the movies in the VIdeo _TS folder as VOB files (as usual) on the DVD. When I move the Video_TS folder to the Hub, the movie plays only as a small screen on my TV. When I put the DVD in my DVD player, the movie plays in full screen 16:9. Everything is fine. 

On my Hub the setting “Widescreen” is activated. The problem occurs only with some VOB files. All other’s play in widescreen when I move them to the Hub.

I was under the impression that copying the VOB files to the Hub wouldn’t adjust anything.

Please note, I am not ripping the DVD or encoding anything as the Video_TS folder is already on the DVD. It’s just a copy on a USB stick and from there to the Hub

Thanks for any help.

The Hub DOESN’T change things.    Perhaps your former DVD player DID.

Most of my 16:9 content fills the screen.   All of my 4:3 DVDs have Pillar Boxes (which they are supposed to.)

Some DVDs are encoded as 4:3 even though the content is 16:9, so they’ll have both Pillar- and Letterboxes … but that’s the way the DVD was created (an example:   The American President) and the Hub can’t do anything about lousy transfers.

Maybe you can take a snapshot and post it online somewhere so we can see what you mean.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I am currently converting the movie to h264 mkv with handbreak. If nothing changes I will get back to your advise.