Problem with a new SSD drive and an old intel desktop board

Hello, I have installed a new SSD green WD initialized the drive on the same machine and cloned the disk, everything works fine but the bios doesnt show me nothing on the SATA port, the board is a Intel Desktop Board DH61BE, it is pretty old.
The drive works properly, it appears on boot order and boots right but in BIOS (Not UEFI) the SATA port displays empty where the drive is connected.
Should i check cables?
PS: A tip for those trying to get Acronis to work, when you first install the ssd you should initialize it and create dummy partitions (Better on the deployment PC) , or else you wouldnt be able to run acronis to work or recognize the drive properly.
Thanks for any help.
Any help will be appreciated.
Regards from the south.

When in BIOS make sure you’re not looking at the IDE ports. They should show empty if the only drive is your SSD on a SATA port.

You might want to check BIOS settings and make sure you have AHCI settings on. Changing this TO AHCI may require you to make changes to some drive controller drivers, unless you make the BIOS change and then do a fresh install of Windows. HERE is some help with doing this.

Also I see HERE there are a couple SATA ports on the board that are rated for 6gb so you might want to determine which ones they are (I think I saw they are blue in color) and use one of them for the drive as it will make things a little faster.

THIS might help with BIOS settings. Also make sure your BIOS is up to date.

Hope you get it just like you want it!

WD provide 0 support. I have WD SN750 black, and CAN NOT do secure erase with WESTERN DIGITAL OFFICIAL SOFTWARE ( WesternDigitalDashBoard). Its just NOT workin for me. And also. When i come to forum and ask my Q - the answer was “AMAZIN”. They say that i must use “PartedMagic”. Cuz WD OFFICIAL software is NOT WORKING. I brought back my ssd to the vendor. And will NEVER EVER spent money for WD production