Problem with 600GB VelociRaptor

I just received a new 600GB VelociRaptor.  Trying to wipe it, but keep getting errors.  Tried wiping it with DBAN first, but it immediately terminates with a non-fatal error.

When I try Killdisk I get this:

(AHCI and native IDE mode for SATA enabled in BIOS):

Killdisk’s main screen quickly scrolls up to be replaced by what’s in the image.

When I disable AHCI and change SATA to legacy IDE mode it does the same thing except the errors come more slowly:

I had my original 600GB VelociRaptor replaced because the exact same thing was happening with that one.  Anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

No luck!,

We will need to wait until the images are approved by the moderators…

I’ll reply as soon as the XXX images disappear…