Problem with 1000s of Backdrop photos appearing in my "Photo" category on WDTVLive

Hi guys im fairly new here

First up ill tell you how i am setup,

I have a Synology 413j network server setup, and have created meta data and cover art to my videos, connected to my

wdtvlive  device.

When i scroll into the wdtvlive box everything is functioning ok, i go into videos and i have my lovely coverart icons of

my videos.

The problem is when scrolling into “photos” via wdtvlive it shows every backdrop of my videos which i created

covert art for. I am talkng thousands. Another problem on that topic is that my subfolders that i created in my NAS in

photos category on my computer eg. “holiday pics” <<<<folder all just appear scattered everywhere in the wdtvlive

box “photo” category… Can some one please for the life of me tell me what im doing wrong. I cant find anything on

this topic.

Cheers guys

I’m confused.   You’re talking about backdrops & cover art as if they’re the same thing.

They’re not.  They’re two different things.

Backdrops appear as full-screen images while browsing using the Gallery View.

Cover Art are icons that represent each file when browsing in ANY view.

Backdrops are in hidden folders, and thus should not appear as photos.

Cover art generated by the WDTV have metathumb extensions (not .jpg) and thus will not be included in photos.

So we need to know what exactly you’re talking about in order to help you out.

Sorry for confusing you, ill try to explain it another way.

All the images created via mediamaster which created backdrops and cover art for my videos, every picture created for some reason appears in WDTVlive “Photo” section as well as every other photos i have in that category.

Does this help. Let me know

The answer is to use the ‘get content info’ via the player and not use ‘mediamaster’.