Problem, when playing from USB hard drive

I’ve used 120GB 5400RPM 2.5" Seagate enclosed in the USB box. Formatted the drive, put about 20GB of .avi, .VOB nad .mkv movies. The box started to crash: stopped the playback and displayed message:


"Warning: please safely eject your USB device before removing it".

At this point I shut off my WD TV Live unit and turned it back on. The USB drive showed in the menu and I was able to play the movie. And then, after couple of minutes - same message again. I repeated the process number of times until the box didn’t read my hard drive at all. I connected it to my computer - the disk was GONE!. Couldn’t even format it. Seriously!

Obviously my WD TV Live destroyed my hard drive!

I found old 40GB 2.5" SATA and used this one. The thing crashes: sometimes after a minute of playng, somtimes an hour. But it crashes constatnly!

Am I using wrong types of hard drives? Is 5400RPM not good enough?

Has anyone experienced same or similar problem? The unit works fine when playing from USP flash drive (stick), though…

Have you considered that there may be something wrong with your USB box.

That’s a good thought. Will have to get new external USB drive.

What manufacturer/capacity/RPM/size (GB & inch) would you, guys, recommend?