Problem using router to share external drive for backup

I have a PC running Windows 10 and a Surface PC. I would like to share my WD external drive between different these 2 PCs for back ups using my router. I have connected the WD external drive to the USB port on the router, and I can access it through a cumbersome approach by entering the router’s ISP address.
I can’t however select the drive when setting up the File History backup - it just doesn’t appear as an option.
Is what I’m trying to do impossible on Windows 10, or is there a way to do it?? Thank you!


The drive’s performance and options may be hindered when connected through a router instead of directly to the PC or tablet.
Let’s see if another user has tried this that can help you out with this.

Hi Scott,

I use my Passport to backup both a desktop and a laptop, but not at the same time. I use the WD Smartware and devide the passport into a few partitions assigned to different drives on the desktop and to C drive on the laptop. If you can connect to two devices, maybe you can use Smartware to backup both.