Problem using Firmware Updater v3.2.5.1

I have a model WD5000BMV (500GB Passport Essential) external drive. I downloaded the v3.2.5.1 WD Firnware Updater from the WD support site, but whenn I ran it I got a

“Disconnect all USB devices (Except mouse and keyboard), reconnect only the WD device you ant to update, and click Rescan.”. 

The only USB Devices I had connected besides the drive were a Logitech wireless mouse dongle, a MS wireless KB dongle, and a Samsung printer. I disconnected the printer, tried clicking Rescan, and tried closing and rerunning the updater, but I got the same message. 

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

I would like to know if the updater you were using is on the download section of this drive on the WD support website?

“Find by model number” for  WD5000BMV just gives me a “Sorry a system error has occurred” page. So I don’t know what the “official” download page for this model is.

 I used the " WD Support / Downloads / My Passport area instead (then WD Universal Firmware Updater For Windows). The version listed is