Problem updating Theme via web interface



That’s good news ! :smiley:


I guess case closed, just a glitch perhaps ?

JoeySmyth -and this is all unrealistically assuming there are no faults or defects in materials or manufacturing process.

(previously owned panasonic panel lasted 2 years)

So not only is the information that you linked to wrong but even when I drastically reduce the write / erase life quoted by a factor of 33 you still have to take into account manufacturing faults / defects! I can see why your forte is art.

If you want to keep arguing about what i posted … fine  (i’m over it)

You know what they say about arguing on the internet :wink:

Anyways, i tried to offer help and assistance to Rubicon99 to get him out of trouble.

What advice / help / assistance did you provide ?

None… Zilch   (fine form, from a “VIP”) congrats.

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I am challenging misleading information. In that way we can stop these myths from going all over the internet and it also helps the original poster and others to realise that there is in fact nothing really to worry about. You had him thinking that he had done something to his flash memory. That’s my help and assistance.

Since this has gotten off-track from the original poster’s question, I’m closing the thread.