Problem Unzipping Virgin Image

Hi. please I have issues with unzipping the Virgin image I downloaded (mycloud2tb.7z and oeddueplqtjh.7z) from the community. It keep giving me – "“cant open 7zxa.dll”

I will appreciate suggestion and recommendations


what can I do? where can I get a valid one?

Where exactly did you download this from? .7z is a compression format similar to a .zip or a .rar file. As far as I know, nothing coming from WD should be in that format.

As for the error you are experiencing, I’d check with your unzipping application vendor. Just based on the error itself, it looks like it’s having trouble dealing with the extension.

A Google search brought up the following.

Where did you find your image and what is it?

The search also brought up this at the top of the list.

Maybe it has image file problems, you should try converting from jpg image file to png. I recommend using JPG4PNG.COM to convert it for free, it is very safe and get png photos very fast. use it already.