Problem unmounting external drive - fw 1.06.43_V


I have a WD TV Live HD and I noticed some problems to unmount my external drive after the update to the firmware 1.06.43_V.

I made some tests and the problem seems to happen always when I leave WD TV inactive for some minutes (when I leave a video paused or simply inactive at the home screen). I don’t know the time exactly but it seems to be time enough to screensaver get active.

If I do this and try to eject the drive, that blue circle just keep spinning forever and the drive is not umounted. I’m affraid to damage my drive since I have no other choice than abruptly turn it off.

I have already turned off the screensaver but the problem still happening. My drive is a Hitachi 1 TB.

Is there anybody with the same problem?


Yes, but only on the Live Streaming, it’s never happened to me on the old LIVE so far.

Same problem here…

I have the WD TV Live with the latest firmware (1.06.43)

My HD is a Samsung S2 Portable - 500gb (HXMU050DA/G22).

I can’t unmount the volume, it’s keep spinning forever…

Yes, I have this problem in the past, now my WD TV Live HD unmounting external HDD successfully.

I press Home Button, and navigate to any others option in menu (not music, pics or video). Press Eject and successful.

I hope this problem not show anymore.

Now my problem are the video ISO files, I have not play, show error message. Before with the firmware 1.06.16_V this video ISO files play correct.

If you examine your disk, you’ll probably find a couple of files, which has changed into directories (which are inaccessible)