Problem Transferring FROM 2TB My Book

I purchased this MyBook 2 years ago to save my Dish network movies from a receiver that was being replaced with a new model . I now need to use this MyBook to store some PC data from my recently deceased Vista desktop. I tried plugging the MyBook into a borrowed XP pc as a place to store my movies before I format it for other use. It installed like a mass storage device but does not show up in my list of available drives. I found the MyBook under disk management but can not find a way to get these stored movie fies off of it. I did download the smartware program, but it only shows me options to take from the current PC hard drive and save it on the MyBook. What am I missing? Thanks 


If you used the drive to record from a DVR the computer will not be able to recognize it. 

DVR’s Use a different format and a Windows or Mac computers cannot read from it.

I was able to transfer the movies back to the receiver. Can I now format and use it for a regular external storage drive?

Yes but it will destroy the data on it now.



Yes, you should be able to format your external unit in a computer for standard computer use, however, as highlighted by users such as Joe_S this will unfortunately destroy the data currently held on the device. This is because most DVR units use a protected file system in order to prevent copying the recorded content.