Problem to recover a system image on WD MyBookLive 2To with the Windows 7 repair Disc

Hi everybody!

I’m stuck with the recovery of a system image on my WD MyBookLive.

I created a system image of my laptop with the backup tool of Windows 7 - 64 bits.

By choice I don’t want to install the WD’s recovery tool: WD SmartWare.

The system image was created on the external drive in a specific share without any problem.

When I use the W7 repair disc, I select the second option: “Restore your computer using a system image that you created earlier”.

The system cannot find a system image on my laptop and I select (compulsory) the second option “Select a system image” and click on “Next” and then the “Advanced” button.

At this level, I click on “Search for a system image on the network”, then the system scans the network and cannot detect or cannot be connected to the external hard drive.

Afterwards, a window pops-up asking to specify the location of the system image and I type


Then there is another window coming up, “Windows Security” asking my password to enter to: MYBOOKLIVE.

I put as username admin and then the password.

I also noticed the weird domain MININT-XXXXX with XXXX changing at each new session.

Finally, I get the following error message: “The network location cannot be reached. For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help. ( 0x800704CF )”.

After different attempts, I put a cable between the router and the laptop thinking that in the recovery environment, the wireless doesn’t work but it changed nothing.

I also tried different ways of typing, thinking that the path for \MYBOOKLIVE\NameOfTheShare and the login is case sensitive but it didn’t also change anything.

I couldn’t find any information on the MyBookLive’s manual regarding network recovery with Windows 7 backup tool, so I would be very thankful for any hint or tip about this problem.

Do you think I have to put a cable between the laptop and the router because the wireless doesn’t work in the recovery mode of the repair disc?

How to type correctly a network path?

What I need to add for the Windows Security question because the share is private? The name of my laptop is ZEUS, do I need to add it in the user name as ZEUS\admin and then the password?

Should I move the system image to the root of the MyBookLive hard drive?

Do you know any tutorial or website about system recovery with the Windows 7 backup system?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

Sounds like a real dilemma. To be honest with you I would not put the system image on the my book live. Rather burn dvd’s and store them away. I’m Backing up files and settings from 4 computers (including 1 mac time machine) on my book live. All works great. But I’m not backing up into the shared folders and use the wd smartware. Great Tool. Love it.

Try it.

Other than that it sounds like you have an issue with Firewall or your Internet Security Software. You don’t happen to have Trend Micro Internet Security? This program had caused a lot of frustration during my setup. I had to remove it to get it to work. Everthing works great now with Norton 360.

Hope that helps.