Problem: The system cannot find the path specified

Hi all,

I have a Passport essential to back up my winsdows xp laptop. I have used it quite some time now without any problems. However, recently I updated to the new version of WD Smartware and I have also recently defragmented my hard drives on my laptop. Today I wanted to backup the files on my laptop but I discovered that smartware reported that: Partial backup accomplished. Furthermore I reveived the message that of a couple of files the system could not find the path specified. What can I do to solve this problem? I would like all my files to get backed up and not just most files with missing a couple. Might this be related to the disk defragmentation  that I did? Or is this a problem of the new version of SMartware? Oh, and I only use category backup with alle categories selected. I also noticed earlier that the new version of smartware seems very unstable and sometimes i need to connect and disconnect a couple of times until it starts with the backup   need to be copied to the external harddrive (I have run backup when computer is idle disabled). Have other users noticed the same?

Any help would be very much appreciated!


I wonder if it’s releated to defrag. Acronis True Image can have it’s images corrupted if you defrag the drive or copy the image to another location the copy will have problems.


A lot of times I also find that I get the message of Partial backup accomplished but in contrary to what the help function suggests, I do not always get a log file of which files could not be backed up. Does Smartware create an automatic log of the backups? ANd if s where would I be able to find this? And I find it strange that after a message “partial backup accomplished” if I then unplug the hard drive and plug it back in, it can then suddenly find a couple of more files to back up. This makes me not trust SMartware a 100%…