Problem streaming videos to WDTV Live SMP from Logitech Media Server


I recently bought a WDTV Live Streaming Media Player to render videos from my Logitech Media Server (LMS). But I can’t get it running. I tested different combinations of renderer, servers and controllers, the only combination _not_ working is LMS => WDTV Live.

  • Has somebody a working configuration with the WDTV setup as renderer, LMS as server and a separate controller?

Thanks for any help,



WDTV: Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player, Firmware 1.07.18 (renderer)

LMS: Logitech Media Server Version 7.7.2, running on a Mac OSX 10.6.8 (server)

BubbleUPnP: UPnP software for Android (controller) 

Did you check if both are part of the same workgroup?

I don’t know, what workgroups are. Aren’t they some kind of SMB thing?

But you’re right, I was not accurate in my post: I’d like to stream the videos over DLNA. Logitech Media Server is a UPnP AV / DLNA server and my WDTV Live SMP is acting as a DLNA renderer (only IP is involved, no additional network shares). 

OK, where should I ask for support?

What information does the support need?

I know, if I’m the only customer with this problem, chances are low, I get this problem solved. But does anybody have this combination running? Is there some setting I might check? Is there some way for me to help debugging? Is there intelligent live in our galaxy? Well, I mean other than the occasional cat, hunting in my garden…