Problem setting up My Net N750

I’m having a frustraing problem with my N750. After a few tries I was able to get the connection between my PC, the N750 and my modem to work. But then when i click ‘next’ a pop up informs me that ‘the connection with the server could not be established’. So i cllick ‘back’ and try again. Same pop up appears. No way to progress beyond that point.

My modem in an RCA DCM425, my ISP is Earthlink via Time Warner Cable.

Hello dfc99,

What firmware version are you running on the N750?

Make sure that you running the latest version available. Also check the configuration on your modem and the firewall settings.

I can’t even progress to the point in the N750 installation where I can check the N750 firmware. Is there another way of checking?

My RCA DCM425 modem only has a diagnostics page. My Norton firewall appears to be allowing access. I would have received a Norton warning if there was a problem.

Does your ISP require PPPoE connection? If so, you may need to request your ISP change your modem to bridge mode and run PPPoE on the router. Also, check if you may need to clone your MAC address on the router for the PC you registered with your ISP if this may be the case.

I was able to install and connect the router via the browser set-up option.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions!

Dan / Staten Island, NY

Glad to hear you’re all setup!