Problem reformatting my WD My Passport Essential SE USB 3.0 (non Mac-Version) to a HFS+ Filesystem

Hey everybody!

I recently bought a My Passport SE (not the Mac-Version, thats why I posted it here) to use it with my MacBook (OSX 10.5) - but everytime i try to reformat the Disk to HFS+ using the Mac Disk Utilities i get an error-Message and no Partitions are created. Formating it to Fat32 works fine, but thats not what i need.

Anyone else experienced that problem and knows a solution? I don’t think that i did anything wrong, because reformating to HFS+ worked fine with other external drives.

Thanks for your support!!

Hi there, what exact error do you get? And can you post the exact details of your Mac? If you are using an Intel-based Mac then you have to make sure to change the options to GUID Partition Table, and if it’s an older G5 then you have to change it to Apple Partition Map.