Problem playing Windows Media Center TV shows

I know Live can’t directly play the format used by Windows 7, but if you right click on the file you can convert to the older format (MS). I am at work and can’t remember the correct extention. But anway, I am trying to move them from the C drive of my media center to my MYBOOK nas. After converting, tv show would only play for about  15-20 seconds then stop. Even tried moving it  to a drive connected directly to the LIVE with same results.

  1. Is this a bug in the firmware or does Live always have issues playing this MS format?

2)  If #1 is true can anyone recommend a free/cheep convertor that won’t lose quality. What format is recommended…so that Live play them without issues?



You can check the link below to view the list of supported formats you can try. 

List of compatible media file types for all WD TV and WD Elements Play Products

Well going by the link it looks like it used to support the format but is now removed. Any idea why? And what is a good format to convert to ?


If your files are .wtv you can use Remux Tool or MC-TVConverter.