Problem Playing Video (VOB) files on WD Live after latest firmware upgrade


I am having problem playing VOB files after latest firmware upgrade. With the latest update DVD menu works, one can skip chapters, however the playback goes into a jittery fast forward mode without audio…Any ideas

It’s a well-known problem…  That’s the power of SEARCH.  ;)

The only solutions are either to re-encode your DVD onto an ISO file, or  to downgrade the firmware to version 1.03.49.

I have digitized all my old home movies and was hoping to create video files with a DVD style menu so that I could easily navigate through  the years of video.  Previously the WD live didn’t support that type of menu navigation but I think from what I’m hearing with the new firmware it now it can? - if they are created as an ISO - not VOB?

I’ve been holding out for this but before I try  a bunch of different options I was hoping someone could lead me down the right path. I have a WD World edition drive that is connected over the network to the WD Live player with the current firmware loaded. I was going to use Pinnacle to create the video files. Do I create ISO files? Will I get full “DVD style” Menu navigation?  Are there any specific settings I should keep in mind. MPEG 1/2, audio codes, frame rates…?


BWEMKV, The new firmware supports  DVD style menu navigation with either an ISO file or regular VOB files that are ripped to a VIDEO_TS directory. The problem is that the new firmware (1.04.10) has a bug that causes VOB files to stutter (they are supposed to work). If you use an ISO file, the new firmware seems to work OK.

If you want to use the new firmware, then ISO files are the way to go. If you have a lot of videos that are already ripped to VOB files in the VIDEO_TS directory, then it might be easier to downgrad to version 1.03.49 than to re-encode all of your videos to ISOs. Personally, I did not want to spend the time re-encoding so I downgraded to 1.03.49. Now I am waiting for the next firmware release so that I can use some of the new features.

Scandy, I agree with your assessment…   Don’t spend a lot of time doing ISO conversion unless you MUST use 1.4.10 (to get the new media features.) 

When WD gets the bug fixed, then you can upgrade.

Right now all my files are just straight mpg’s which obviously play fine - I have yet to fully  edit them all together with chapters and create the ISO/VOB’s but that is my intention once I know what format works best.

I tried creating an ISO image last night but it didn’t play on the WD Live -  I just got a blank screen. There’s a good chance I don’t know what I’m doing - the ISO image that I created comes up on my computer as a jZip archive file - if I open it I get two folders, one Audio_TS folder and one Video_TS folder which contains the VOB’s. The ISO plays great in VLC - I get the full menu and chapter selection.  When I tested it on the  WD Live I only tried it on a local drive connected directly to it - not through my network drive. I can’t imagine that should matter.