Problem playing music to DLNA from computer

Hi all,

I’m slowly (pun intended) discovering the (im)possibilities of my new WD MyCloud 4TB

I used to stream my media that was on my computer to the stereo (Sony home theatre system) using the play to DLNA device option of Windows media player.

now when those media files (MP3) are transferred to the MyCloud, mediaplayer won’t play them to the stereo set anymore. It does play files in media player itself on the computer perfectly. so the connection is fine
Also the connection to the stereo system is ok.

when using the remote control of the Stereo I can also access the MyCloud directly and play the files that way, but I want to option via the pc so I can control my stereo system with my pc.

DLNA sharing is turned on, and the stereo device is listed with granted access in the MyCloud control panel. (Though I think that shouldn’t be important as I try to play via my pc)

any clues?

Welcome to the Community Niels12345. Personally I haven’t tried streaming files to a Home Theater before, since you have already verified the media server to be working on your PC, I recommend you to contact Sony support directly for some troubleshooting steps you could try. 

You can’t achieve what you want if the PC is the DLNA client, and the DLNA server is the NAS. You can replace the client and control from there, but the PC cannot redirect the DLNA stream to the stereo. With the right software, you can redirect a stream from the PC to a DLNA renderer like the Chromecast device, but your stereo is not capable like the Chromecast.

Your alternative is to redirect the Music folder of your computer to the Music share of your NAS. This can be done by chaning the default location of the Music shell folder, or creating a symbolic link manually. Then the PC will access the files as if they were local, and make them available through DLNA sharing from the PC which acts again as the DLNA server. This option makes it easier to manage playlists, folders, etc. The DLNA server of the NAS is out of the loop. The drawback of this approach can be lack of responsiveness as Windows media player has to transact over the network., It will depend on your network performance. Through a gigabit Ethernet connection, you shouldn’t see any difference. Your mileage will vary.