Problem Playing ISO from NAS


Second attempt…first post seemed to disappear into the ether.

I have just bought a WD TV Live (Firmware 1.08.17) and am having a problem playing back a DVD ISO image.

I’m totally new to all this so apologies if its already been covered before.

I made an image of StarDust DVD using DVD-Cloner9.

If I put this on my PC and connect to the PC using “Network Share” in the Videos menu, it plays fine exactly as if it were a DVD.

If I put the image onto a NAS  (D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter Pulse) and connect to this in the same manner, I can see the file, but if I try to play it I get :-

“Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the manual”

Anybody got any ideas please?



Ah nuts.

False Alarm.

iso somehow got corrupted transferring to NAS. :confounded: