Problem playing HQ MP3 Audio Files!

Hi All,

I just got my WD Live TV Player and it working Great in everything Except the Mp3 Audio files. I have played a HQ MP3 file on it (48000 Hz, 320Kpbs, MP3 Format) from an WD My Passport Elite and then heard the music sound very far with some noise and then the sound goes very clear but in a second the noise came back again with some broken sound like an old computer

I don’t understand the meaning in this voices but I can’t listen to any MP3 file and that’s BAD!

Some info your may Need:

I connected my WD Live to an LCD TV 1080p SONY Using AUVO High-speed HDMI Cable and I use the TV Surround speakers ONLY with no external sound source or any other speakers

Note that: The MP3 file is working very well on my DVD Player, My Notebook too & on my iPod !

Hope someone tell me how to fix this problem,