Problem .mkv files playing on Samsung TV (UE46D6500)


My current firmware is: MyBookLive 02.41.05-034 and i am using WD DLNA Media streamen.

After 2 weeks working well, since last 2 days i found the following problem.

I have problems with streaming of movies (.mkv).

The TV is compatible to show .mkv movies. .AVi files are streaming nicely.

I have tried many things, restore factory settings, place my movie folder in the NAS to other movie folder.

I got the same results. I can scroll through my folders and see the movie, but the the result is the same.

Can anyone help me?.

See if pressing the reset button on the back of the My Book Live for 4 seconds helps. Also share what do you see exactly when the TV fails to play the video. 

I have tried the reste button, same results.

The TV tried to load MKV files, but after couple of seconds, it goes back to the folder where the MKV file is.