Problem loading device on iphone/ipad

On my iphone/ipad, it sees my My Book Live device, but when I select it, it just keeps on *loading*, and never comes up with the media on the drive.

I have ensure remote is enabled, and I have un/re-installed My Cloud. 

Any help would be appreciated.

The same problem here, please help

same happen to me as well, help please

Same problem.

Same problem. Any suggestions welcome.

So you all have a:

A MyBook Live

Have enable remote access in the settings / remote access / configure menu

All have a connection status of Connected in the same menu

All have added their devices to the drive and can see it under Mobile Devices, where it says connected.

All have uninstalled the mycloud app and then reinstalled and again checked the above.

How are you attempting to connect, on the local wifi network which has the MyBook Live on it, via the internet from another location or via the phone network.

The device in which I am experiancing this problem is a WD My Cloud. The mobile device Is an I-Phone 5

iluaht wrote:

The device in which I am experiancing this problem is a WD My Cloud. The mobile device Is an I-Phone 5

We need the rest of the information as well.

same problem with Iphone 5s and Ipad air.

RichUK, yes I did everything you mentionned.

I try to access via WIFI where the mybook live is connected.

If I reboot the mybooklive, it will work for a while, then fail later.

Same problem here.

Accessing folders through local network with my iPhone5 (wifi enabled) works, but as soon as I turn of wifi and try to access the WD drive through LTE, it keeps “loading” and does not show the content.

App re-installed, WD drive re-booted, remote status for cloud devices says “connected”.

I returned the hard drive to Best buy for a refund. 

I dont have time to waste with semi-working equipement.

When you find yourself searching for answers on forums the first day you buy something, it’s a bad start.

stephan.f, there is a setting tab where you can specify wifi-only or not within the app.  Select “Always On” to use data to access your drive.

I am having the same problem as the others but only within my own local network.  If I try to access my drive through wifi from a different location it’s fine.  If I try to access it from home, it just gives me the “loading” and never loads my shares.

Any suggestions?

I had all the same problems people have discussed with the iPad and iPhone.  My wife set the My Cloud up and it worked fine with her iPhone 5 and iPad on the local network.

I’m overseas (in Saudi) and went through the same process. Installed the apps on both my iPad and iPhone, and on my laptop PC (Windows 7).

However, both the iPad and iPhone would just say “loading” and nothing happened.  But the PC application worked immediately.

My wife did a “hard reset” (pulled the power plug) on the WD My Cloud.  After it rebooted, I put new access codes into both my  iPad and iPhone, and everything worked fine and continue to work as advertised.

I am seeing the same issue. It only works after the hard drive is rebooted/power cycled. However, it stopped working an hour later. Very disappointing.

Yup… Works fine for a while over 3G, then fails with just loading showing… Have to reboot mycloud.

To add, can still access on internal network over wifi, just not on external network

I am also having the same problem I have a mycloud drive and iPad and at first it was all working ok but know when I open and try to connect to the drive (even when on same home network should authenticate automatically when on same network ie. no need for activation code) it just says “loading” then eventually times out. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app and generating activation codes this seemed to work in the short term but now doesn’t work at all. Interestingly when I check the status thru the mycloud dashboard on my Xp laptop it shows the iPad as an unregistered device and details of the activation code but no connection status. I am so frustrated and annoyed with this I hate companies that bring out stuff don’t properly test them before releasing them onto the market I expect better from WD especially given there heritage in the hd market. I raised with tech support people today after waiting on the phone for over 20mins Martin (techguy) got me to do exactly what I had done myself (ie. activation code etc) but still couldn’t get it to work so I have now sent him a log from the drive and he as promised to analyse it and get back to me with a solution. I like this NAS drive but will be returning it if it cannot be sorted - if there is any WD personnel monitoring these threads I hope they are working on a solution as this is not the only thread complaining of similar issues. It goes without say that if Martin gets back to with a solution I will post here.