Problem installing windows on WD Caviar Green 3 TB

I just bought a WD Caviar Green 3 TB and im trying to install Windows 7 64 bits on it. My computer recognizes the HD since its brand new, i was able to partition it for the whole capacity by GPT, but when i try to install windows it says it cant be installed on GPT partitioned HD, if i change to MBR it only recognizes 2 TB.

So how can i install Windows on a GPT partioned HD?

Hi as you did not post your specs. Does your motherboard support UEFI = Unified Extensible Firmware Interface or does it have the older style bios. Most southbridge boards support UEFI. If it recognises 2.19 TB thats the problem heres a link that will explain it.

Were you able to find out whether your motherboard supports uefi?